The Endless Maryland Courtship

A marriage has failed to happen in Maryland, I am talking about the endless courtship going on between the pedestrian bridge and maryland mall. Two objects: one of them infrastructure and the other, a black lady continue to postpone their first kiss. So the life of both cannot be longer.

Maryland Mall, the black lady forgets that selling her wares and earning more patronage is not by her kitsch largest digital billboard in west africa thing, it is that she needs the legs that the bridge brings. She needs the legs not only the eyes of her immediate suitor. The kind that comes from winding ramps around each layer of the black box the way a pole dancer wriggles around a pole. The kind that extends the life of both the bridge and the black box.

So Lagos will be denied the chance of a super couple not because the black box’s architect didn’t try; but because of the lack of ingenuity at the planning authority. Planning approval should never be black and white rules or relentlessly dogmatic paperwork; it should be conventions, adaptable for unique contexts.

So whatever Tosin Oshinowo's best intentions are she could not make the marriage happen. There's planning and policy work to do. Let's make other potential marriages work.

Photo (c) Lagos City Review.




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